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Although water is a renewable resource, its availability in appropriate quality and quantity is under severe stress due to increasing demand from various sectors. Agriculture is the largest user of water, which consumes more than 80% of the country’s exploitable water resources. The over all development of the agriculture sector and the intended growth rate in GDP is largely dependant on the judicious use of the available water resources.

While the irrigation projects (major and medium) have contributed to the development of water resources, the conventional methods of water conveyance and irrigation, being highly inefficient, has led not only to wastage of water but also to several ecological problems like water logging, salinization and soil degradation making productive agricultural lands unproductive. It has been recognized that use of modern irrigation methods like drip and sprinkler irrigation is the only alternative for efficient use of surface as well as ground water resources. Hence, this Scheme on Micro Irrigation (MI), which aims at increasing the area under efficient methods of irrigation viz. drip and sprinkler irrigation.

This will be a Centrally Sponsored Scheme under which out of the total cost of the MI System, 40% will be borne by the Central Government, 10% by the State Government and the remaining 50% will be borne by the beneficiary, either through his/her own resources or soft loan from financial institutions.

Under this scheme subsidy of 50% is given to farmers who install drip or sprinkler systems in their fields. In both the cases, the assistance will be limited to five ha per beneficiary family.

Drip Irrigation

Estimated Cost of Installing Drip Irrigation System

Sprinkler Irrigation:

Under sprinkler irrigation water is sprinkled under pressure into the air and plant foliage through a set of nozzles attached to network of aluminum or High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) pipes in the form of rainfall. These systems are suitable for irrigating crops where the plant density is very high where adoption of Drip Irrigation Systems may not be economical. Sprinkler irrigation is suitable for horticultural crops like vegetable s and seed spices.


  • Using 63 mm co upler
  • using 75 mm coupler
  • using 90 mm coupler

Financial assistance to the beneficiary for sprinkler irrigation will be limited to 50 percent of the system cost subject to a maximum of Rs.7500/- per ha. Since sprinkler systems are moveable, the cost of the system will be governed by the actual quantity of material used.

It has proposed to implement the ico irrigation scheme in the Nilgiris district in 800 ha during 008-09

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