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The State Horticulture Farm, Kattery, Coonoor was established during the year 1975-96 as per G.O.Ms. No.1486 Agri.Dept 24.09.75 and was taken over by the Department under compulsory acquisition from 01.08.1987 Onwards. The farm is hired from a private sector and started to cultivate high yielding vegetable seeds. During the period of 1976 to 1981 the farm is named has Vegetable and Seeds Production Centre (VSPC).


The seeds are distributed to the small farmers and marginal farmers. During the period of 1981 – 1988 the farm is renamed has Plants and Seeds Production Centre (PSPC). In the later stage, under the Hill area Development Programme, Tea nursery was started for the production of Tea Clones, Vegetable Seeds, Fruit Plants, Shade Trees and maintenance of mother Tea bushes and fruit trees is being done. The yielded items distributed to the small farmers and marginal farmers.


1988 – 1989 the farm is renamed has State Horticulture Farm, the farm is production with V.P. Tea Clones, Silver Oak Plants and other Ornamental Plants.


From the year 2002-03 onwards the Integrated Horticulture Development Scheme the new production programme is being implemented. In the year 2011 Kattery Park was established around 5.0 Acre (A-Block) with Children’s Amusement Park, Water Fountain, Gazebos, Lawns and etc.,


The park is a cynosure of all the eyes during the Peak of summer season.



  • Name of the farm – State Horiculture Farm, Kattery.
  • Location Dist/ Taluk /Block – The SHF is located about 8 Kms. from Coonoor on Mettupalayam to coonoor main road an just above the Runnymede Railway Station. Nilgiris District. Coonoor Taluk.
  • Government Order No – Permanent.
  • Year of Establishment – G.o.No.Ms 1486 Agri Dept dt.24.09.1975
  • Year of establishment – 1975-76
  • Extent / Village – 18.95 Ha Kattery, Coonoor -2
  • Soil Type and pH – Laterite and 5.0
  • Source of Irrigation – Well



The total of the farm is 18.956 Ha. The farm has been divided into five blocks and the extent of each block is given below.

  • “A” Block – 2.500 Ha
  • “B” Block – 5.200 Ha
  • “C” Block – 1.100 ha
  • “D” Block – 2.400 Ha
  • “E” Block – 4.00 Ha
  • Roads, Buildings & Rocks – 3.756 Ha
  • Total – 18.956 Ha



The State Horticulture Farm, Kattery is located about 8 Kms. from Coonoor on Mettupalayam to Coonoor Main Road an just above the Runnymede Railway Station. The farmland extends both on northern and southern side o the Mettupalayam to Coonoor road. The land extends on the western side up to Law falls while on the eastern side up to the forest lands. Mettupalayam to Coonoor second gate road forms the northern boundary of the farm while the Runnymede Railway station forms the outlet boundary



The main feature of this Farm / Park is to give the aesthetic sense peace of mind to the peoples. A large variety of fascinating flowers are planted along with the Beautifully trimmed bushes around garden. We have collection in different type of flowering annuals, Shrubs, Cacti, Ornamental flowers, Lawns and also fruit trees like Pear and Jack. To entertain the children below 10 years, Children Park available in the park Premises and the Well developed grass meadow and trees with large company make the ambiance fresh and calm Kattery Park is also one of the pleasing tourist spots in Coonoor, The Nilgiris.



This park was partly protected by compound and partly, solar and chain link, fencing. Infrastructure facilities available in this park Canteen, Office, Staff Quarters, Water Fountain, Parking Facility is established in the park to entertain the visiting Public.



The main Objectives of the farm is as follow:

  • To produce Tea and shade tree plants
  • To produce ornamental plants.
  • Serving an important education centre not only to the students of Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Botany but also to the farmers of different states.
  • To serve as a picnic spot where people from various walks of life can visit and spend their time joyfully as it has got a salubrious climate.
  • Creating an awareness about maintenance of Gardening and Eco system to the visitors, students, tourists & public through visiting the Kattery Park, which is closed to Law Falls and Runnymede Railway Station.



  • Permanent laborers – 45
  • Casual laborers – 10

Area Details:

  • Tea mother plants : 6.400 Ha
  • Cultivatable Area : 6.100 Ha
  • Un Cultivatable Area : 2.700 Ha
  • Road & Building Areas : 3.756Ha
  • Total 18.956 Ha



The State Horticulture Farm, Kattery is situated at an elevation of 1450 meters above M.S.L.



The Maximum temperature is 26 °C and the minimum is 10°C The Relative Humidity is 60 to 75%.



The annual rainfall various between 1400 to 1500 mm. The farm receives rains both from the southwest and Northwest monsoon contributing 22.40% and 54.75% respectively. Of the total rainfall followed be summer showers and less by winter showers.



The soil type is laterite and the PH of the soil around 5.0



  • Offices – Available
  • Godown – Available
  • Labour shed – 5 Nos Available
  • Staff quarters – 3
  • Watchman shed – Available
  • Irrigation channel and Storage Tank – Available


  • Providing of Solar Fencing in Farm Area
  • Parking Facilities
  • Toilet facilities for Visitors


Tea Mother Plants

Around 6.00 Acre of this farm area tea mother plant was maintained. Single node cuttings of tea will taken from the mother plants for the propagation purpose. Tea green leaf was also harvested.


V.P Tea clones production

  • Variety – B/6/61 (Athrey)
  • Shade – 75%
  • Polythene Sleeves – 4×10 cm
  • Rooting Harmone – Rootex (Ceradix)
  • Fungicides – Copper Oxy Chloride.